Thinking about transforming your home with online interior design? Here's how it works and what to expect.

For years, hiring an interior designer has been out of reach for so many of us. But at My Bespoke Room, we believe anyone and everyone deserves a beautiful, functional home in their style and within their budget.
Enter online interior design! Through our bespoke platform, you can work with one of our professional, qualified and highly experienced designers all online and from just £395!

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Step one: Complete your brief

how online interior design works

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Every room we design is completely bespoke and that’s why the process starts with getting to know you, your home and your needs. Our easy online brief helps us drill into your style preferences by learning what colours, styles and furniture designs you love but also, what you don’t love. We also get your budget, photos and measurements and delve into how you live in the space currently and what just isn’t working for you.
Now we have a really good understanding of you and your space, we can match you with your Interior Designer.

Step two: Connect with your Interior Designer

how online inteior design works

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Our Head of Customer Success, Jess knows each of our designers inside and out and one of her many roles is to match you with the perfect designer. All our Designers at My Bespoke Room are handpicked and then they are handpicked for you so you get the right designer for your brief and for your tastes and preferences. Find out more about how we match you in this video.

Once you’re introduced, your designer will kick things off with a video call so you can get to know each other and they can go over your brief with you.


Step three: your room layout and design direction

interior design layout planning

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Now that you've got to know each other, the first important step of interior design is to work out the all important layout of the room.

They’ll make sure you have all the key items of furniture you need in the correct scale for the size of your room. They’ll consider all your storage needs, making the most of every square inch of your space and finding hidden storage options. At this stage, they’ll also pull together ideas for your design direction so that they can start honing in on the style of the room and how it will look and feel.

To finish up this step, you’ll have a second video call to make sure you’re both happy with the layout and design direction so that your designer can begin sourcing the products for your room.


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Step four: your dream design delivered

how online interior design works

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Now it’s time to reveal your final design! Your room design comes with a mood board, annotated floor plan, 2D visuals, and a curated shopping list with alternative budget options so you have the power to choose where to invest and where to save. You'll also get a virtual presentation from your designer with plenty of styling tips and tricks of the trade.


Step five: bringing your design to life

how online interior design works

Your room design isn’t complete until we help you bring it to life and that's where we introduce you to the second member of your design team from the shopping support team. Simply add all the products you want to buy to your basket from multiple retailers. We have a price match guarantee so you can rest assured that you’re always paying the best price. Your shopping voucher will also be applied to your basket automatically when you reach the minimum spend.

We'll then take it from there. We'll place all your orders, helping to coordinate all your deliveries and keep you up to date with shipping and tracking. The shopping support team will be on hand for as long as you need, to help your room take shape.


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