Trends… we are often telling our clients to steer clear of them, after all, your home should be filled and decorated with what makes you happy, not what everybody else thinks is hot stuff right now but will no doubt fade in the coming years along with shoulder pads and mullets.

This year we wanted to continue to encourage you to do something in your home that will always be in style, the one 'trend' that's well worth channelling in your home. The good news is that it can be achieved whether you love mid-century or Georgian styles or whether you have a £100k or £1k budget...

Homes that reflect your personality and tell your story

1. Turn your walls into a gallery of you

Living room with collage of family photos

Image Credit: My Bespoke Room

Now this doesn't mean hanging 20 portraits of yourself all from different angles.... although it could, it's your home after all! You do you.

Struggling to think of what to include? The wonderful thing about a gallery wall is that it can combine different styles of art from photography to abstract art and even sculptures mounted in amongst framed artwork. 

Your hallway is the perfect place to host your gallery exhibition as it's your home's first impression - the ideal place to make your mark.


Need help tackling a gallery wall? Check out our tutorial with Abstract House:



2. Choose colours that bring you joy

pink and blue living room

Image Credit: My Bespoke Room

Colour trends come and go. We went from a sea of magnolia to fifty shades of grey and now we all seem to be desperate to turn our backs on both! 

The fact is that there is so much psychology behind paint colour choices (which is why it's so fascinating) and so following trends simply won't work for everyone. 

Personally, I can't stand yellow. Don't ask me why but it makes me unhappy! Despite the fact that it's meant to be the colour of 'joy' and also a trend predicted by the pros over at Farrow & Ball for 2022. Will I be painting my home yellow? Absolutely not! 

If you need help looking for which colours 'sing to you' take a look in your wardrobe. Odds are it will be filled with the colours you feel most comfortable in and are drawn to. I for one have about 5 different green jumpers so I think I know what colour I'll be seeing a lot of in 2022.


Want to learn more about colour psychology? Check out our video with Tash Bradley, colour specialist at Lick:


3. Turn your shelves into an exhibition

Post image landscape (89)

Image Credit: My Bespoke Room

Shelving is the perfect way to create a curated exhibition of all the things you love and that bring back precious memories. Family photos are of course a brilliant addition but also add in random objects you've collected over the years and that have a meaning and a story behind them. Why not curate a whole display in honour of your travels for example? We all collect little trinkets over our lives, make sure you celebrate them!

Don't feel like you need to fill every last gap though! There's a fine line between curated and cluttered. The great thing about styling shelves is that you can mix it up when you fancy a change. When your display stays the same you stop noticing the items on it - mixing it up occasionally will help you see them in a new light again and bring back those memories anew!


Styling shelving can be a bit overwhelming! Watch you video from some our designers for their top tips:



4. Choose furniture with a history

Portrait blog image 600 width (21)

Image credit: My Bespoke Room. This dining table belongs to one of our designers, Ria. She loves how it's covered in little doodles and carvings from her young children! 

One of my biggest regrets, when I decorated my first home, was that I was in such a rush to fill it with shiny, stylish new items of furniture from my favourite stores that I'd been coveting.

Over the years I've realised that those items of furniture that bring me the most joy and that I can't be parted from are actually the ones that I have inherited from family or pieces that my partner and I spent time and care choosing together. 


Need help creating a home that feels unique and personal to you? Book a free call with our team to get your room transformation started:



5. Proudly show off your weird and wonderful collections

Bar cart with eclectic ornamentsImage Credit: My Bespoke Room

Do you have a secret cat plate collection? Perhaps you've been hoarding Harry Potter figurines or model cars?! Whatever floats your boat. If you've put time, energy (and money) into your collection then don't hide it away in the loft - celebrate it!

Depending on what it is you could frame and mount them on the walls, for example postcards from your travels or the aforementioned cat plates. Picture ledges are a wonderful way to display collections and help to limit the amount of furniture taking space in your room. 

You could also display them in a glass fronted cabinet to keep them safe from the elements (and little hands!) 

For more ideas on where and how to display your treasured items, check out this post from Rockett St George.


6. Don't be restricted by styles

pink bedroom with art and patterned pillowsImage Credit: My Bespoke Room

We all have certain styles that we are the most drawn towards. Whether it's a rustic country vibe, mid century modern or clean polished contemporary, it's helpful to have an understanding of what you love and what you don't.

That's not to say though that you have to pick a style and stay faithful to it alone. You might have noticed a lack of a style quiz on our homepage? That's because we feel you shouldn't limit yourself so early on in the design process. The most wonderfully decorated homes artfully combine different styles providing a wonderful contrast and creating something truly unique.

It can be hard to know what works together, especially if you're new to decorating. Use our 70/30 rule to get you started. Make 70% of the items in your room, such as the key pieces like the sofa in one style, let's say mid century modern and then layer in the second style in smaller doses.


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