The Holiday is a true Christmas rom-com classic and the perfect movie for getting cosy in your space; but have you ever looked at Kate Winslet's picturesque cottage and thought "I wish my home looks like that", or yearned over Cameron Diaz's LA Pad for a touch of modernism in your life?

Well, we definitely have! As interior designers,  we love seeing the juxtaposition of not just the actresses' personalities, but their homes too.

So whether you're a Kate Winslet or Cameron Diaz, we have collected some top tips and inspiration to help you transform your space into your 'The Holiday' home of dreams.


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Creating a cosy cottage atmosphere

the cottage from the holiday

Image credit: The Holiday

Even though some  décor elements might feel outdated, the overall atmosphere of this film set simply oozes comfort and classic cottage charm. So how do you create this feel in your own home without the characteristics of the cottage architecture?

We've put together some designs that reflect certain features of this stunning film set to help guide you to create your Kate Winslet-inspired dream home.


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Cosy colours to make your space feel warm

cosy and dark bedroom design

Image credit: My Bespoke Room

If your space is large or more open, it can be difficult to recreate the comfort of a small English cottage, this is where dark and moody colours come into play; it can always be tempting to paint a small space light and bright, but by using darker colours, you can create an oasis-like retreat.

Other colour schemes that will work perfectly when trying to make your room feel more cosy are warmer neutral shades like cream, taupe, terracotta or mocha and pairing them with the classic and warm reds or deep blues.

Kate Winslets bedroom in The HolidayImage credit: The Holiday

And doesn't Kate Winslet's bedroom look comfortable and snug?! Well, to try to recreate this in your own home, try introducing furniture elements such as classic metal bedframes, wicker or coil baskets and French, country-style dressers and drawers. 


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Using lighting to create comforting interiors

Cosy reading nook with floor lamp

Image credit: My Bespoke Room

Lighting plays a big role in creating the perfect atmosphere for every occasion and is especially important if you want to replicate the cottage set from The Holiday.

To make your space feel more classic and cosy, implement a range of lighting. For example, use a mix of ceiling fixtures, wall lamps as well as table and floor lamps. Having the options of light at different heights creates more depth in your room and makes the space feel more comforting. However, make sure you use warm lightbulbs instead of bright task lighting, as cold lighting can feel too clinical.

Want to learn more about how to transform your space with the use of great lighting? Check out our dedicated lighting guide, here.


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Big and cosy home changes

kitchen with exposed brick wall

Image credit: My Bespoke Room

To feed more into the cottage-core aesthetic, we have some more drastic décor changes that can help you create your Kate Winslet dream home. One way to make your space feel more like an old-time English cottage is to expose the brick in your home. Just like in the movie set, where the cottage has exposed stone brick walls, you can expose brickwork in your own home to add more texture into the space to create a more eclectic feel. The raw and natural aesthetics of brick walls evoke a sense of comfort and the historical charm only adds to the rustic appeal!

Don't want to make such a big change in your home? No problem, you can now find detailed and even textured wallpaper that has the same effect as exposed brick without making too big of a change.


Kate Winslets living room in the holiday film

Image credit: The Holiday

When It comes to making other more expensive changes, you can choose furniture that is reminiscent of French country or rustic styles. The cottage set featured in the film incorporates natural materials like oak, teak, stone, cotton and wool, so when you are choosing your furnishings, try choosing pieces that include earthy textures and nature-inspired materials.


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Finishing touches to make your space feel more rustic

cosy white living room

Image credit: My Bespoke Room

If you want your space to feel more warm and welcoming and reminiscent of the cottage from The Holiday, one of our biggest easy fixes is layering soft furnishings. Make sure you use varying textures in your pillows and throws to infuse both warmth and depth into your space.

Kate Winslet's cottage décor is very eclectic, featuring multiple patterns, colours and textures, so don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and experiment with new materials!

To amplify the cosy vibe, opt for soft furnishings in warm hues and neutral tones, incorporating timeless patterns like tartan for a touch of classic charm.

The whole idea is to make your room feel like a soft haven that makes you want to deep dive into comfort, so try using as many soft furnishings as possible, like the ingenious idea of doubling up your ottoman as a coffee table, oh how we love multifunctional furniture!

Wondering how to pull your room together with the finishing touches? Take a look at our blog on 9 finishing touches that will complete a room.


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Creating a luxurious modern space

Cameron Diaz's home in The Holiday

Image credit: The Holiday

On the contrary, to the quaint cottage aesthetic, the set of Cameron Diaz's Californian mansion is bright, open and modern. The airiness of the space is a breath of fresh air and the neutral décor adds a touch of understated elegance.

We understand that the allure of a stunning neutral home may seem like an unattainable dream reserved for the glamorous world of Hollywood. But this is a misconception! You too can have a bright and modern home; we have gathered some of our best designs as examples of how you can achieve a similar feel in your own home.


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Dreamy modern wall colours

modern white open plan kitchen

Image credit: My Bespoke Room

It may not come as a surprise that we are going to suggest white and neutral colour schemes for your Cameron Diaz-inspired space. But that doesn't mean your walls need to look dull and boring!

The trick is to make sure you choose shades with subtle undertones so your walls don't look too clinical. Some examples are warm whites, linen shades, ivory or greige.

Plus, you can always add some pops of colour with a feature wall or half walls to create a little more depth or cosiness in your living area.

Do you have an open plan space in your home but unsure where to start when it comes to designing your dream room? Read our blog here on How to design the dream open plan living room.


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A comfortable but modern space

Cameron Diaz's home in the holiday

Image credit: The Holiday

This film set is the perfect example of how you can pull off a cosy but still modern design, to create this atmosphere in your own home, we recommend deciding upon a cohesive colour scheme that involves a neutral base with pops of a few block colours throughout the room. 

To go a step further, try avoiding any patterns and instead, create depth by layering soft furnishings like pillows and throws and also finishing touches such as trays and coffee table books.


modern panelled living room with blue sofa

Image credit: My Bespoke Room

Another great way to make your modern and open space feel more cosy is to use panelling, as its transformative effect can infuse a sense of warmth into a room.

Well-placed panelling adds depth and a point of interest into your home as well as a sense of elegance that even Cameron Diaz would be proud of! The contemporary design aspect plays with the light and shadows and therefore adds to the cosy atmosphere.


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Scaling your furniture

modern blue and white living room

To fully invest in the Cameron Diaz home look, you need to ensure your furniture is scaled to your room correctly. If you have a large and open room, try to feature luxurious and upscale furniture that fills out the space.

These grand furnishings not only make a bold design statement but also effectively define and anchor expansive areas, creating a sense of purpose within the openness.

In modern design, where clean lines and functionality take centre stage, sizable furniture pieces act as focal points, adding a touch of opulence and sophistication to the space.


bright white bedroom with large dressing area

Image credit: My Bespoke Room

And, of course, it wouldn't be complete without a grand bedroom and dressing area. To truly replicate Cameron Diaz's home from The Holiday, you will want to optimise your bedroom storage with plenty of space to get ready and store your glamorous clothing. 

Consider opting for floor to ceiling wardrobes or perhaps even bespoke storage and pair with a cosy ottoman to double up as both a seat and some extra storage. To seamlessly capture the modern essence reminiscent of the movie set, adhere to a neutral and bright colour scheme.

You can also try painting your wardrobes the same colour as the wall behind them to allow for a harmonious blend that contributes to the sleek and cohesive appearance, delivering that effortlessly chic and contemporary aesthetic found in the film.


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Bold and modern lighting choices

statement lighiting for staircase

Image credit: My Bespoke Room

As we said previously, lighting has a massive impact on your space and the atmosphere it creates. To create an ambience reminiscent of Cameron Diaz's home from the holiday, you will want to focus on statement ceiling fixtures. 

Throughout the film, the set is bright and open and to replicate this you will want to introduce some bold lighting into your home. Plus, if you're lucky enough to have a large and open space like in The Holiday, a statement piece is a great way to make a room feel less empty and also has the benefit of acting as a focal point.

However, you still want to be able to create a cosy feeling in your home by implementing some modern or contemporary floor and table lamps to develop a layered lighting effect.

Finally, to really go the extra mile, if you're considering an extension or large home renovation project, consider implementing bifold doors or floor to ceiling windows to really open up your space, create a modern look and bring the light in.


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