Welcome to the home of another one of our incredible interior designers! We spent the afternoon with Celine in her South London pad. Celine has created some stunning designs for our customers since she joined the team so we couldn't resist having a nose around her own transformation.

Not only is her home beautifully designed and decorated - it's styled to perfection! Seriously....the woman should run a masterclass on the subject! 

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The open-plan space

Celine's favourite room in her home is her open plan kitchen, living diner. No shocked faces here! The space has given them the opportunity to host friends and family, which was where their previous home fell short.

Celine's kitchen is an absolute palace of ply which is beautifully contrasted against the deep green units.  A white worktop keeps the kitchen looking fresh and light. 

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Open plan shelving gives Celine plenty of opportunity to showcase her styling prowess! She also cleverly uses trays on the worktop to gather useful items she needs ready access to, which stops it looks cluttered and untidy



We love an Ikea hack! Celine has used the infamous Kallax shelves as a bench seat for the dining area of their open plan space. A local upholsterer made the custom cushion for them to make it a more comfortable place to perch.


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A gallery wall of travel memories

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Every home should tell the owner's story and Celine's home is a shining example of why.

This wall is our favourite - the couple have a rule that for every country they travel to, they find a piece by a local artist with a woman as the subject. The result is a truly unique gallery wall of women from around the world.

Post image landscape - 2022-09-28T125015.508Image credit: My Bespoke Room

Need help creating your own gallery wall? Watch our video tutorial with Abstract House here.


The living room

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Image credit: My Bespoke Room

With all that open space, the couple also wanted a separate living room that channelled cosy, comfy vibes. They wanted the flexibility to be able to join the two rooms when hosting parties but close it off when it's just the two of them. Double glazed sliding doors were the perfect solution:

Through clever design tricks, Celine further united the rooms by using the same flooring throughout and by also installing a wooden slatted feature wall either side of the old chimney breast to continue the wood tones from the kitchen.


The bathroom

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Celine's bathroom needed more than just a lick of paint when they moved in. The bath was positioned in an awkward place which meant little space was left for a decent sized vanity unit for storage.

By rotating the bath along the wall at the back with the window they gained space and were able to create an illusion of extra floor space by tiling up the bath and the wall behind in the same tile tricking the eye into thinking the room is bigger than it really is.


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Recessed shelving also helps to keep bottles off the sides of the bath which have a habit of getting knocked around and making the room look untidy. 


The master bedroom

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The starting point for Celine's bedroom design was the Poodle and Blonde fabric they used on either side of the bed. The colours inspired the feature wall behind as well as the art that she made herself - a woman of many talents!

Celine wanted to contrast the warm neutral used behind the bed with a lovely warm tan colour which mirrors the tan they used downstairs in their living room.



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