Summer is the perfect time to refresh your home's colour scheme and bring in some vibrant and lively hues. Whether you're looking to brighten up your living room or freshen up your bedroom, there are plenty of summer-inspired colour schemes to choose from.

In this blog, our interior designers share some of the latest trends in summer colours and provide tips on how to incorporate them into your home. Get ready to transform your living spaces into a summer oasis with these inspiring colour schemes.


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Miami vibes - pastel hues

summer paint colour schemes - pastel kitchen

Image Credit: My Bespoke Room

Nothing gives us beach holiday vibes quite like fresh ice cream coloured pastels. Think Miami Art Deco with sky blue, dusky pink and sunny yellows. 

For your walls, a soft pastel pink can work really well as a neutral then you can play around with other pastel colours through accessories, soft furnishings and artwork.  You can also have fun combining softer pastel tones with pops of brighter, stronger pastel colours.  

Get creative with a pastel painted arch in a sunny yellow around your desk or as a headboard behind your bed:

summer paint colour schemes - sunny pastels


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Tropical paradise

summer paint colour schemes - tropical

Image Credit: My Bespoke Room

Nature is full of colour inspiration for your home especially the bright contrasts of lush, tropical plants. For a bold statement, consider using tropical wallpaper or painting an accent wall in a bright colour.

Incorporate natural elements such as bamboo or rattan furniture, and add pops of colour with tropical-themed throw pillows or curtains.

Don't be afraid to mix and match patterns, but keep the overall look cohesive by sticking to a consistent colour scheme. With the right balance of colours and textures, you can bring the feeling of a tropical paradise right into your home!


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Sunset tones

summer paint colour schemes - sunset

Image Credit: My Bespoke Room & Da Silva Designs

Picture this: an ice-cold glass of rosé in your hand, the sound of waves and the sun slowly setting on the holiday mode yet?! 

Sunset tones such as earthy pinks, reds and soft oranges can add warmth to your interior as well as providing energy and creating a cosy and inviting space.  Rusty, earthy reds are definitely having a revival and they look really luxurious paired with materials such as brass and marble.  

Paprika is also a great pop of colour to add to monochrome interiors or even a room with a warm neutral overall colour scheme.


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Linen fresh

summer paint colour schemes - neutral


For this summer scheme, we're picturing crisp white linen sheets flowing in the breeze on your washing line.....OK so this isn't nearly as fun as the rosé on the beach vision but you get where we're coming from?!

A clean, white neutral scheme can definitely convey a summery feel. Light shades of beige, ivory, and white can evoke the warmth of sun-bleached sand and the brightness of clear blue skies. 

Neutral colours provide a versatile backdrop that can be complemented with pops of brighter hues or natural textures like woven wicker or wood.

Additionally, a neutral colour scheme can be easily updated with new accent pieces or accessories to give a room a fresh look without needing a complete overhaul.


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Turquoise and coral

summer paint colour schemes - coral and turquoise

Image Credit: My Bespoke Room

When used together in a colour scheme, turquoise and coral create a lively and energetic atmosphere that is perfect for the summer season. Turquoise is a cool and refreshing colour that brings to mind clear blue skies and tranquil waters, while coral is a warm and inviting hue that is reminiscent of sunsets and tropical flowers. Together, they create a balanced and harmonious combination that is full of fun.

Kid's rooms are a great place to be playful with summer colours.  Coral and turquoise or minty greens are great alternatives to baby blue and pink and can really inject colour and energy into kid's bedrooms.


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Post image landscape - 2023-06-15T132751

Image Credit: My Bespoke Room


Icy tones to cool off

summer inspired blue colour schemes

Mid heatwave, sometimes you just need to cool off! For this colour scheme, we're picturing the landscape in Santorini with bright white buildings against cobalt blue roofs.

Blue colour schemes can be a perfect choice for a summery vibe. Light shades of blue, such as baby blue or sky blue, can evoke a sense of calmness and serenity that is reminiscent of clear summer skies.

Adding touches of darker blues, such as navy or royal blue, can create a refreshing contrast that resembles the ocean. Blue is a versatile colour that can be paired with many other colours to create a cohesive summery look. For example, combining blue with yellow can create a bright and cheerful atmosphere, while pairing it with green or turquoise can create a tropical feel. Overall, blue colour schemes can bring a refreshing and summery feel to any space


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