Spring cleaning season has come and gone, now we need to prepare our homes for a British summer, where for the first time in a long time we can experience it with our friends and family again. This is the summer we have all be waiting for!

Whether we have a heatwave that offers smells of freshly cut grass and BBQs wafting through the air, or the rain hammers down and you end up stuck inside listening to the thunder crackling in the distance, we are here to make your home into the summer oasis you need.

Take a look at our top tips below to make sure your home is as ready for summer as you are!


Strip Back


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First things first, you need a clear out! You know what they say, out with the old and in with the new.

Try and make your home more minimalistic, by removing winter clutter. Put away your cooler weather accessories like the thick throw you keep on the sofa, or the fluffy rugs you use to keep in as much warmth as possible. Don’t forget to also swap over your duvet cover to a lighter one for a more comfortable sleep as the heat eventually rises!

Now you have cleared the room of your winter items, you need to now allow room for summer. For example, we suggest you remove clutter from your windowsills so you can open them easily to let the summer air in.


The Changing of the Pillows


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Embrace summer with open arms through warm bright colours and floral prints. Don’t worry we’re not suggesting you redecorate your entire home with new paint or wallpaper! The smallest details can make a big impact in your home.

Something as simple as changing the throw pillows on your sofa or bed from navy and teal colours to peach or sunshine yellow can make a huge impact. As you swap these over try to think of it as a changing of the guard, a ceremonial task representing the change from spring to summer.

Not to mention, if you have any outdoor seating you can’t wait to use this summer, you may want to think about adding some more outdoor pillows for comfort as well as appearance. If you already have some stored away, don't forget to give the pillow cases a quick wash before popping them back out so they will be fresh for the summer. 

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The time for renovation is now

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When we eventually get a break from the rain, the opportunity to renovate your garden will arise. Start with a good clean, pressure washing paths and decking as well as dusting off the cobwebs from the outdoor furniture.

Now everything is nice and clean, you can take a moment to adjust your outdoor space and take note of what you would like to do differently. Maybe you want to try a new lick of paint on your fencing? We recommend you avoid the usual boring greens and browns and give something more unusual a try like duck egg blue, grey or even navy or black for a statement piece.

If you’re as excited as we are to have our family and friends over for a few drinks in the summer sun, then you may want to think about your outdoor furniture. Are you looking for a formal garden table where you can have a sit down meal or would you prefer something a little more cosy? Why not invest in an outdoor sofa and coffee table, so your nearest and dearest can be comfortable as you bask in the sun with a jug of Pimm’s between you, and a small speaker playing your summer playlist.


Let there be light!


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You have made room in your home for the fresh summer air but maybe not the sun. Try and find more ways to allow more natural light into your home.

An easy fix is to invest in some strong curtain ties to pull them as far away from the windows as possible and when the sun won’t blind you with glare, open the blinds as often as you can. Also opening the doors to your garden or balcony is a great way to embrace the summer (when it’s warm enough!)

When outside we always recommend a Citronella candle or two, as it creates a warm ambience and fights off any insects that are attracted to you at this time of year, however they do not produce practical lighting.

The sun is setting later and later each day, so there will come a point when you will be able to sit outside at night and not be cold! This means you need decent outside lighting, so you do not end up stumbling about in the dark. We recommend some heavy-duty LED lights be hung along your fence or wall so you can sit out and enjoy the evening until you choose to go inside rather than the lighting making the decision for you!

Do you need help getting your lighting right both in and outside your home? We can help! You can hire an interior designer to help with all your interior design queries from just £250! Book a free no-obligation call to find out more:GET IN TOUCH


Bring Nature in

Home office with plants

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We love to both bring the indoors out and bring nature in through our designs, blurring the lines between the two spaces. Bringing in natural flowers and house plants indoors helps you connect with nature at this beautiful time of year and is immensely good for your health.

By utilising space that was once used for our winter knickknacks for these houseplants we are also utilising all the natural benefits of being outside. Having houseplants has been scientifically proven to improve your mood, reduce fatigue, lower stress and anxiety and improve your focus. Not to mention you invite a whole host of new floral and summery scents into your home.


Our scents worth


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Do you know that your sense of smell is likely to trigger your memory more than any of your other senses? That’s why we feel that smell is such an important part of this summer clear-out process.

Try out particular scents in different parts of your home. For example, in the kitchen you want a fresh clean feel so why not try an air freshener that smells like clean linen? In your bathroom you may prefer hints of vanilla and, in the bedroom, you may prefer a more flowery smell like blossom or lilies from fresh flowers or candles. Test a few different scents until you find the right one for you.


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