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The 6 stages of an extension and how long it will take


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How interior design impacts your mood and mental health

Everyone wants their home to look good but it should make you feel good too! 

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3 beautiful outdoor spaces to get you in the mood for summer

  Spring is here! We can practically smell the BBQ and taste the gin already! At My Bespoke Room,...

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16 small living room ideas

Hands up - who watches those American house reno shows, brims over with ideas only to have a rude...

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Design ideas for couples

Redecorating with a partner can be a wonderful experience. But it can also be a stressful one which...

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9 finishing touches that will complete a room

Ever wondered what the difference is between a beautiful room and a beautiful room styled by an...

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7 illuminating winter lighting ideas for a warm and cosy home

Creating a warm and atmospheric lighting scheme can completely change how you feel in the space. No...

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Spare bedroom decorating ideas

A spare bedroom is an absolute luxury that should not go to waste! So if yours is currently adorned...

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How to choose the perfect sofa

Let me tell you, buying a sofa is no picnic. Not only is it one of the most expensive items you'll...

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