About us

Meet the inspiring women in our design team

You may have already seen some of the incredible stories from the key women that work hard behind...

About us

Meet the women behind the scenes at My Bespoke Room

As a female-founded company, the hard work, support and encouragement of other women is close to...

About us

Meet the shopping support team

Watch the video to learn how they remove the stress and hassle from bringing your room design to...

About us

Layout consultancy service explained

Planning a renovation or extension? Our layout consultancy service is designed to bridge the gap...

About us

What it's like to work at My Bespoke Room

Curious about joining the MBR family?! Here are our Designers to tell you what it's like...  

About us

7 memories from 7 wonderful years

 It's our birthday! So we're celebrating by taking a little trip down memory lane with co-founders...

About us

Online Interior Design and the future of the industry

We were so incredibly excited to be invited onto The Great Indoors podcast to talk all about online...

About us

How remote interior design works, told by real customers

'Remote' is a real buzzword at the moment because, well, we have all got to be living as remotely...

About us

My Bespoke Room: A year round up and our 2019 highlights

In the iconic words of John Lennon in So This Is Christmas: 'Another year over, another one just...

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