Last year we proudly helped hundreds of happy customers transform their homes with phenomenal room designs! We can’t wait to do it all again this year, with an abundance of new customers with different tastes, styles and budgets all needing the help of our talented team of interior designers. 

We have completely adored collaborating with our customers, making their vision a reality and helping create innovative solutions to problems they have had in the past when designing their home on their own. Now the time has come to decide which designs we loved the most!

Our 60 designers have been wracking their brains to decide which of this year's designs deserves to be our design of the year and now it’s time to count down the top 6...

6. Tranquil yet eye-catching bohemian bedroom

7Image credit: My Bespoke Room

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In 6th place was this gorgeous master bedroom designed by Maddy.

This client was moving into their first home and wanted a professional eye to help give this bedroom the wow factor she wanted with an exciting yet relaxing colour scheme. This is a tricky line to walk but our expert interior designer Maddy found the perfect colours to match this as well as the art that this client already had picked out.

This eclectic room represented this customer perfectly and helped her avoid expensive mistakes that she feared she would make on her own.

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5. Deep green, maximalist master bedroom

6Image credit: My Bespoke Room

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This dramatic master bedroom came in 5th place and was designed by one of our lead designers, Liv!

We see a lot on social media about minimalistic and neutral interior design but what about big bold designs!? This is one of the many reasons this design stood out to our team as it’s striking features single it out amongst the more traditional designs. 

Many of us love a bold colour scheme but it’s tricky to find the right balance when clashing colours and patterns. Many of our customers come to us because they want to be brave with their design decisions but don’t want to invest in the wrong products and end up with a mess of colour that has way too much going on. 

This client had recently moved to a new home and wanted our help to transform the bedroom into a place that could be their haven! They adore animals and bold colours, and especially loved the idea of bird print wallpaper where preferably the birds are surrounded by blossoms, to go on each and every wall in her master bedroom. 

...I mean Liv totally smashed it! She completely mastered what the client wanted and found a colour scheme that her client loved. Liv was able to meet this client's brief exactly and was even able to make sure she used no animal products whatsoever in the design, just as the client had asked. 

We love the tropical feel Liv has been able to create here and we are impressed with the way she makes us feel as we look at this design, as if we are on holiday somewhere sunny and hot! 


4. Multipurpose plush pink and cosy, home office

5Image credit: My Bespoke Room

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In 4th place is this soft and sophisticated home office, designed by the fantastic Iveta!

This client faced a common problem, they needed an office to be able to work from home, however they still needed to keep it multifunctional as a spare bedroom. The room only had limited space for a study desk, book case, and a single sofa bed that could also be used as their  reading corner. 

This client was in desperate need of a refresh but was worried about combining styles, how to layout the space and coming up with a pretty but productive office colour scheme. That’s where Iveta came in to save the day! 

This gentle and warm pink colour scheme is perfect for creating a homely feel for guests or for when you want to cosy up with a good book on this velvet sofa bed, but it also has a playful side that stimulates the mind to help you be more productive. 

Iveta was easily able to navigate her way around a floor plan layout that worked perfectly for the customer and was even able to organise some excellent storage solutions.

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Joint 3. Sophisticated Grey & Green Living Dining Room

4Image credit: My Bespoke Room

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This incredible open plan living dining room was designed by our brilliant designer Lateefah and came in joint third place!

The client here wanted a feel of lightness and brightness with white and modern neutrals, however they also liked opulent accessories with gold and brass tones, and was especially excited about a statement piece of furniture such as a rich emerald green velvet sofa. 

We cannot get enough of the green, gold, grey and white colour scheme throughout this open-plan living space that creates a sense of cohesion  and the gold finishing's give it a sense of Art Deco, modern glamour but at the same time the green velvet sofa and Ottoman keep the space cosy and snug, perfect for curling up on those long winter nights! 

We think Lateefah has hit the nail on the head here and created a sophisticated and elegant living dining room that is also perfect for entertaining guests. 

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Joint 3. Timeless, sophisticated Living Room

Landscape blog image 600 width (49)Image credit: My Bespoke Room

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Also in joint third place is this dark and sophisticated dining room, designed by the creative and innovative Rachel!

This client loved warm wood elements juxtaposed against monochrome to create this awesome rustic modern feel. They were also a huge fan of neutral designs that had pops of colour but here decided to take the jump and use a dramatic dark feature wall as a backdrop.

We love the way Rachel has made the lighting a statement piece that does not overshadow the artwork that takes from other colours in the space perfectly.  We also love the way she has used deep blue’s in both the paint and the artwork to soak up the shadows while adding in some cleverly thought out, layered lighting to give the space warmth and ambience.


2. Calming & Contemporary Living Room

2-1Image credit: My Bespoke Room

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Just missing out on that top spot is this charming, contemporary living room, designed by the wonderful Amelia! 

This client had recently moved into a new property and was struggling to find the right colours and products to create this contemporary living room they had in mind. They knew they wanted the wow factor but also could not figure out how the layout was going to work. They needed help from a knowledgeable interior designer like Amelia to make their vision a reality! 

We love the way Amelia has made this large open space for entertaining while simultaneously making it cosy, perfect for snuggling up and binge watching your favourite shows. It's incredible what some seating variety will do!

The sofa has this intimate feel from the incredible backdrop consisting of a textured rug, pillows and houseplants, however Amelia also added in some armchairs for a more luxurious feel as well as some footstools that can also be used as occasional seating that don’t take up too much room. It’s official this space is party-ready!

Our favourite part of this room is the brickwork wallpaper. Amelia has created a sense of cohesion through many finishing touches, but this takes the cake as it brings both the chimney breast and the back wall together without giving it an enclosed feel.


1. Beautiful bedroom in deep green, red & yellow

1-1Image credit: My Bespoke Room

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The time has come to reveal our My Bespoke Room Design Award Winner! This magnificent bedroom was the brainchild of our phenomenal interior designer Betina.

We always encourage our clients to stay away from trends and try and embrace a home that is personal to them, and that’s certainly what we were able to do here. Betina designed a room that is fresh, playful and artsy, not to mention functional as both a bedroom and a workspace - just as the customer needed.

In fact, Betina even incorporated items crafted by the customer to really create a space that represents them. AND Betina created multiple variations of product alternatives so this client could decide where to spend and where to save so they could also accommodate their other room renovations in their budget.

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