We've said it before and we'll say it again: the finer details make all the difference. Finishing touches and small additions can transform a room's look, style and functionality. Making little changes and adding those thoughtful extras really can have the biggest impact. We're talking small space storage and finishing touches.

However, this area of home shopping is so saturated and often overpriced. With this in mind, we have chosen some of IKEA's best small furniture and finishing touches and collated heaps of ways to update and use them in a way that you wouldn't usually expect. 

In this blog post, you'll be inspired by IKEA hacks on four key IKEA products: the MOSSLANDA picture ledge, BEKVAM spice rack & stool and the SKADIS pegboard.  

Stay tuned for our blog post on IKEA kitchen hacks. 

ikea kitchen hacks



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MOSSLANDA picture ledge

ikea mosslanda

Shop: IKEA, £5


1. Floating bedside table

Pair up two picture ledges, flip one on its head and voila, a super chic floating bedside table. This is a great option for small bedrooms, guest rooms and modern styles. We love the LED light strip inside the two picture ledges to give an even more bespoke furniture finish. 

Want an even more cohesive look? Paint the shelves in same colour as the wall. 

2. A leaning gallery 

This is a brilliant, non-committal way to display artwork, books or a portfolio. Attaching picture ledges to moveable boards are perfect for residential rentals but also fantastic to use in an office or gallery to show off your work. 


3. Corner décor

Double up your shelves and place adjacent to each other in a corner of your home. This allows you to add character and décor to small spaces, lifeless corners and parts of the home that would otherwise be ignored. 

Paint the shelves the same colour as the wall or the woodwork for a bespoke finish. 


4. Smart storage headboard 

Another example of how the IKEA picture ledge is super helpful in small spaces and homes with limited storage solutions. Attach your picture ledges behind some MDF or plywood (painted in whatever colour you like), and ta-daa, you have a sleek and stylish storage headboard. 


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5. Spice up your home

Later in this blog post we do talk about the famous IKEA spice rack, however, whilst we're still chatting about the renowned picture ledge, we thought we'd show a super stylish way to display all the spices and herbs that you require for your cooking needs (even if you don't cook, they look great).

Make the shelf look part of your kitchen by painting it the same colour as your cabinets and proudly display your herbs and spices. A nice extra touch is matching all the jars so the display is ultra coherent. 


6. The perfect hallway

MOSSLANDA Picture ledge, white, 55 cm

Image credit: IKEA

You could also double up the function of your picture ledge by attaching a rail with hooks to the bottom of the shelf. This is brilliant for hanging scarves, hats, bags, jackets (if the shelf is mounted high enough) and creating slim storage for tight hallways

You could also place the ledge under a mirror - a perfect hallway look! 


Take a look at some of our top hallway designs and shop the look for your home.


7. Storage solutions

Another brilliant hallway hack. Turn the ledges on their side and wall mount them close to the floor - this turns a picture shelf into an amazing umbrella stand or for rackets/bats if you're super sporty. 

This is also a brilliant way to wedge the front wheel of a bike in a bike shed.


8. Flip it on it's head 

Just like before, flip the shelf upside down, add a rail and some hooks and hang your most used cooking utensils for easy access in the kitchen. Stylish and practical!


9. A wall-mounted playground 

If you have pet cats, then this is the perfect hack for you. Create an inventive and fun wall playground for your furry friends, with different length picture ledges. Add wall brackets and hang toys to make it extra exciting. 


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BEKVAM spice rack


Shop: IKEA, £3.50 


10. An aspiring artist's paradise 

Create the ideal artist's studio by organising paint brushes, crayons, paints and pens in the spice racks. We love the idea of has been pairing it with large drawing paper on the wall. 

You could take this a step further by using chalkboard paint or making the entire wall a cork board so you can pin paper and creations to be admired. 


11. A little one's library 

The IKEA spice rack also creates an ideal visual bookcase. This is ideal for little ones so they can see their books at a glance and feel inspired and excited by reading time. Mount the shelves low to the ground for easy access for your children, or mount them higher, out of reach, to keep the area tidy and organised. 


Take a look at some of our top children's bedroom designs and shop the look for your home.


12. Bathroom bliss 

Another organisers dream! The spice rack is especially good in bathrooms as it comfortably houses small bottles neatly whilst also displaying them in a tidy fashion, so that you can find products easily at a glance. 

An extra hack: we love the idea of flipping the bottom rack to create a towel rail. 


Take a look at some of our top bathroom designs and shop the look for your home.


13. Some extra storage

Do you have loads bits and bobs that you need quite often but have no idea where to store them? Well, usually these go into a random drawer or bowl where nothing really makes sense together. Well, you can now hang fruit, keys, shopping bags and place anything that can't be hung up on top of the shelf! 


14. A beauty bar 

Another example of the IKEA Spice Rack doing its thing in the world of organisation. It's the perfect beauty bar whether this is for your home or business. Just paint it in with your colour scheme! 



bekvam stool

Shop: IKEA, £20



15. A step into the bedroom 

The BEKRAM stool is so much for that a stool, it is also the perfect height for a bedside table. It has two levels - one for your lamp and book and another for sleep spray, plants or a candle! 


Take a look at some of our top bedroom designs and shop the look for your home.


16. Curate your clothing 

Are you one of those people who plans their outfit the night before? If not, you should be! It makes life so much easier, and the BEKRAM stool makes it even easier. Put your shoes on the step, accessories on the seat and add a pole to hang your clothes from - this ensures a great visual outfit representation and ensures a smooth morning. 


17. A small study stool 

Transient spaces are ideal spots to include a sleek work desk, perfect for home learning or working. However, if the space really is tight then an office chair might struggle to fit. As long as you're not planning on sitting at the desk for hours on end, a stool is the perfect extra seat at a desk or table for occasional home work


Take a look at some of our top home office designs and shop the look for your home.


18. Dedicated dining space 

Has your little one moved out the high chair and is working on their table manners? Make dining exciting for them by creating a small dining area for just them - this will make them feel super grown up and will encourage good eating habits! 


Take a look at some of our top dining room designs and shop the look for your home.


19. Stencil your stools 

Do you remember playing with stencils when you were younger? Well, it's time to get them out again! Using stencils on your furniture can create unique and interesting patterns on furniture that before lacked a bit of style and character.


20. Add comfort and character

Create a cushion to add comfort to the stool - this will make it a more enticing seat! Also,  we love the added interest from the paint effect. Just using two different paints and some masking tape can create a 'dipped' effect. 


21. A plant stand

Portrait (4)-3

Image credit: Ikea

When in doubt, add a plant. That's what we always say! Use your stool to create a handy little plant display. 


22. A bespoke learning tower 

With just a bit of extra wood, you can create a learning tower for your toddler, allowing them to be brought up to counter height whilst protecting them from falling. This will encourage your child to get involved in cooking, play or eating where the action is. 


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SKADIS pegboard

ikea skadis pegboard

Shop: IKEA, £15


23. A feature wall 

SKÅDIS Pegboard, white, 30x22 "

Image credit: IKEA 

Cover your entire wall in pegboards to create a super stylish, unique and functional feature wall. This can be used for extra storage, hanging clothes or mounting artwork. This is also a fab solution for small spaces with minimal storage solutions


24. Sleek bedside storage for small spaces 

More evidence that the IKEA Pegboard is ideal for small spaces; it can become a perfect bedside table, holding all the essentials, whilst taking up next to no space. 


25. Extra closet storage

ikea skadis pegboard closet

Image credit: IKEA 

Love your clothes, shoes and accessories but simply don't have enough space to store them? Make sure you utilise every surface, and this includes the back of your door! By attaching the pegboards to the door you're enhancing your wardrobe space in an organised fashion. 


26. Curate your kitchen 

SKÅDIS Pegboard, white, 30x22 "

Image credit: IKEA 

Organise your kitchen by attaching your most used spices and utensils to the pegboards so you can easily access them whilst cooking up your favourite dishes. This is also a fantastic way to display recipes so you can follow them at a glance, or to pin up your shopping list that you can conveniently add to whenever you think of something you need to pick up from the shops! 

We love that this pegboards are frame by a shelf for added storage, shelfie styling opportunities and a neat finish. 


27. A wall mounted tool shed

Cabinet doors are open to show a white SKÅDIS pegboard. Various sports equipment is attached to the pegboard's accessories.

Image credit: IKEA 

This is an amazing space saver that will save you a tonne of hassle when searching for a specific screwdriver or drill - view everything in one place. This is a perfect solution in a garage. 


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28. Clever cleaning 

Isn't it ironic how often the least clean and organised space is where you store your cleaning utensils?  Not anymore! Use the pegboard to wall mount your cleaning accessories to ensure everything in the house has a rightful place. 


29. Upgrade your gallery wall

Are you renting or have wall art based commitment issues? Using pegboards make it easy to chop and change your artwork, giving you freedom when curating your own gallery wall


Watch Head of Design Lucy pull together gallery walls with the pros at Abstract House



30. Bespoke your bathroom storage

We love using pegboards in every room, including bathrooms! There are so many different attachments and additions so that you can store a multitude of items of all shapes and sizes. This means your toothbrush, towels, face wash, hairbrush, tablets... anything, can be stored compactly in one place. 


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