Our clients often come to us craving more space and thinking an extension holds all the answers, but guess what? Our interior design experts work their magic and show them how to make the most out of the space they already have! We understand that living in a smaller space can sometimes feel like a game of Tetris, but fear not! With a little bit of creativity and some clever thinking, you'll be able to free up some much-needed room in no time.


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How do I make my house feel open? 

Making a house feel open is a great way to make it more comfortable and inviting. The feeling of openness can make a space seem larger, brighter, and more welcoming. There are many ways to achieve an open feel in your home, even if you have a small space:


1. Reconsider your layout

planed layout feels open and inviting

Image Credit: My Bespoke Room

The layout of a room can drastically affect how it feels and functions. A well-designed layout can make your space feel wide open, cosy and inviting, while a cluttered and cramped mess can leave you feeling a little claustrophobic. Having an airy and expansive vibe in your room is super important for both the look and the functionality of the space. It can magically make a tiny room seem more spacious, improve the traffic flow, and even give you a boost of positive energy!

A well-designed room layout can make all the difference to how a space is perceived and enjoyed. With a few simple adjustments, it is possible to create an open and welcoming environment that is both functional and beautiful. We recommend strategically placing furniture to create an uninterrupted flow of space. Choosing furniture that is proportional to the size of the room and arranging it in an open and inviting way can also help create a more spacious feel.

Finally, consider using an open floor plan. This can create a sense of flow between rooms and make the space feel more open and connected. By following these tips, you can create a home that feels open and inviting, no matter the size of your space.


2. Declutter and organise

tidy and well organised home office

Image Credit: My Bespoke Room

One of the easiest ways to make a space feel more open is to get rid of unnecessary items that are taking up space. When a room is cluttered and disorganised, it can feel cramped and overwhelming, making it difficult to relax and enjoy the space.  

Removing unnecessary items and clearing out clutter can immediately free up space in a room. This can make the room feel less crowded and more open, allowing for better circulation and movement. Additionally, organising items in an efficient and logical manner can help to maximise the space, creating more room for furniture, décor and personal belongings.

Donate or sell items you no longer need or use and find storage solutions for things that you need to keep. This will create more room to breathe and move around, making the room feel open and airy. After all, a tidy space can promote a sense of calm and relaxation, reducing stress and anxiety levels.

Plus, decluttering can also help you rediscover items you forgot you had, making you feel like you just went on a shopping spree! So, put on your favourite tunes, grab a bin bag, and let's get decluttering!


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3. Select furniture that makes a small room feel bigger

Slim legged, low back sofa in a open plan living space 

Image Credit: My Bespoke Room

If you have a small room, it can be challenging to create the illusion of a larger space. However, with the right furniture and décor, you can make your room feel more open and spacious. One of the best ways to achieve this is by choosing furniture that is visually light and doesn't take up too much floor space.

Start by selecting a sofa or chair with exposed legs. This will create the illusion of more floor space and make the room feel less cluttered. Additionally, consider using a glass coffee table or a side table. Glass furniture is great for small spaces because it doesn't take up visual space.

Try to avoid bulky furniture, and instead consider lower back sofas raised on legs and add some accent chairs rather than large armchairs. We also suggest multi-functional furniture,  for example; a storage ottoman can be used as a coffee table, extra seating, and storage. This eliminates the need for additional furniture and creates more floor space.


Small architectural changes that will make your home feel bigger


Check out some of our simple yet effective architectural tweaks that can give your home a more spacious feel. From clever pocket doors to expanding those windows, we'll show you how to let the light in and make the most out of your space.


1. Pocket doors

Pocket doors in a open feeling home office

Image Credit: My Bespoke Room

Have you heard about pocket doors? When you have a traditional door, it's like having a big, bulky suitcase taking up space in your room, but with a pocket door, it's like having a sleek, compact carry-on that effortlessly glides into the wall and out of your way. They're like the secret passageways in movies that lead to the treasure trove, only in this case, the treasure is a more spacious room. 

From the image above, you can see that this beautiful home office is situated off a small hallway. Can you imagine if this office had traditional doors that opened directly into the hallway or the office itself? It would be a tight squeeze, right? But don't worry, the owners of this home are one step ahead - they've installed pocket doors! These doors allow the office to be an open and fresh space when needed, but can also be closed off for those important work calls. It's the perfect balance between practicality and style. 


Check out how we've used more clever techniques in a Victorian Semi here


2. Widen your windows

Large and extended windows let in more light so the room feels bigger

Image Credit: My Bespoke Room

Widening windows can be a great way to make a space feel bigger without having to spend a lot of money on costly renovations. By investing much less than an extension and expanding the size of your windows, you can let in more natural light and give yourself a better view of the outdoors. This can help create a sense of space and openness that can make a room feel more inviting and less cramped.

One of the biggest benefits of widening windows is that it allows you to get more of that beautiful view of your garden or the surrounding nature. Whether you live in the city or the countryside, having a better view of the natural world can help reduce stress and improve your mood. It can also make a small space feel more expansive and less closed in.


3. Knock down a wall

Open plan space now a wall has been knocked down

Image Credit: My Bespoke Room

A small living space can feel cramped and uncomfortable, but knocking down a wall might be the solution you've been looking for. By opening up your living space with an open-plan layout, you can create a sense of space and flow that wasn't there before.

One of the best ways to achieve this is by removing a wall between your living room and kitchen. This not only creates more space, but it also adds a level of functionality to your home. You'll be able to entertain guests without feeling cramped, and you'll have more space to move around when cooking dinner.

Another popular option is to knock down a wall between two smaller bedrooms to create one larger space. This is particularly useful if you have young children who need more room to play or if you work from home and need a dedicated office space.

Of course, knocking down a wall isn't always a straightforward process. You'll need to ensure that the wall isn't load-bearing and that there are no electrical or plumbing issues that need to be addressed. But with the help of a professional, you can create a beautiful and functional living space that feels bigger and more open without having to invest in an extension.


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What makes a small room feel bigger

Mirror at the end of a small narrow hall makes it feel like it has more depth

Image Credit: My Bespoke Room

Are you tired of feeling cramped and uncomfortable in your small living space? Do you wish your room could feel more spacious and open without having to knock down walls or move to a bigger place? From clever design tricks to simple décor hacks, we'll show you how to transform your tiny room into a breath-taking space that feels anything but small.


1. Use mirrors and light to make a room feel bigger

large mirror bounces light around the space so it feels bigger

Image Credit: My Bespoke Room

Have you ever sat in a restaurant believing it to be enormous and then realised they have placed mirrors at the back of the room? Then why haven't you considered using this technique in your home?! Mirrors create the illusion of depth and reflect light, making a room feel brighter and more spacious. Hang a large mirror on one wall near a window or create a mirrored accent wall to make a room feel bigger.

Let in as much natural light as possible. This can be done by using sheer curtains or blinds that can be easily opened and closed. Select light or neutral colours for walls and floor. Use reflective materials such as mirrors and glass, and minimise the use of heavy drapes or window coverings to capitalise on the natural light in your space.  


2. Create the illusion of height

Paint in vertical stripes make this bedroom seem taller

Image Credit: My Bespoke Room

Hang your curtains from the ceiling - not only does it add a touch of elegance, but it also draws the eye up, creating the illusion of more height. But if you really want to maximize your space, consider using perfect-fit blinds instead of curtains. These nifty little blinds fit snugly inside the window frame, leaving plenty of space for your room to breathe. And for an extra pop of style, try adding a tall feature floor lamp - not only will it illuminate your space, but it'll also draw the eye upward and give your room a super cool focal point!

This also works with wall paint. If you paint stripes in a section of your room or paint a section of the wall and carry it onto to ceiling, just a fraction - this will draw your eye up and make the room feel much taller than it is.


See more simple wall paint ideas that will transform your interior here.


What colours make a room look bigger

pastel home office with storage and sofa

Image Credit: My Bespoke Room

Colours play a crucial role in interior design, and choosing the right colour scheme can drastically change the look and feel of a room. With the right hues and tones, you can make your space feel like a grand palace.

One of the most effective ways to make a room look bigger is to use light colours, these reflect more natural light, making the room appear brighter and more spacious. Cooler colours, such as blues and greens create a sense of depth and make the walls appear farther away. This technique can be especially effective in small rooms, where the use of warm colours could make the space feel cramped,

White, beige, and pastel shades reflect natural light, which gives the illusion of a more spacious and airy room. However, if your room does not receive a lot of natural light we invite you to embrace the darkness! Darker colours can soak up shadows and give the illusion of more space when in these darker rooms. If you try to use lighter colours where there is a lack of natural light, this will result in a flat and uninspiring feel. 

Another way to make a room look bigger is to use monochromatic colour schemes. Monochromatic colour schemes use different shades of the same colour to create a cohesive and visually appealing look. This technique creates a sense of continuity and makes the room feel larger by eliminating visual boundaries. 


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What kind of flooring makes a room look bigger?

Spacious feeling kitchen with hardwood floors

Image Credit: My Bespoke Room

The type of flooring in a room can make a significant difference in how spacious it appears. Hardwood floors are a popular choice for creating a sense of openness and continuity, as they can be installed seamlessly throughout a home.

Wide plank flooring can further enhance this effect by reducing the number of visible seams. Lighter-coloured woods such as oak or maple can also reflect more light, making a room feel brighter and more spacious.

Carpet can also be used to create a sense of openness, but it requires careful consideration of colour and texture. Lighter-coloured carpet can make a room feel larger, while darker colours can create a cosy and intimate atmosphere. 

Rugs can be used to create focal points and break up large spaces, which can make a room feel more spacious by drawing the eye away from the walls. Light-coloured rugs can also reflect more light and create a sense of airiness.  And don't forget, choosing a rug that's big enough to anchor your furniture and create a defined seating area can also make your space feel organized and roomy. 

One trick to give the illusion of space is to keep your flooring consistent so that the eye travels uninterrupted:


light and airy kitchen

Image Credit: My Bespoke Room


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